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    Foam Insulation

It’s not just about saving money,
it’s about improving your quality of life!

quality of life!

Benefits of Spray Applied Foam Insulation

  1. Keeps dust and pollen out
  2. Saves on energy costs
  3. Stops air, moisture & gas infiltration
  4. Reduces heat
  5. Reduces wear on HVAC equipment
  1. Helps reduce mold
  2. Deadens sound travel and noise
  3. Can save your home from weather disaster
  4. Strengthens your home
  5. Eliminates cold air loss up to 30%

Pacific Industrial Coatings Interior Foam

What you need to know about stack effect

Injected foam

Pacific Industrial Coatings, LLC is a licensed contractor
and has been applying spray applied polyurethane foam since 1999.

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