Staying On Top

(From left) Pacific Industrial Coatings President Bob Johnson, Operations Manager Chad Dickinson, Site Foreman Jordan Afleche and Chief Operations Officer Rojo Herrera rise above the competition when protecting Hawaii’s roofs.

Stronger and Better Looking

Bob Johnson, President of Pacific Industrial Coatings (PIC) LLC, wants to make one thing clear: His company doesn’t exist to merely fix damaged roofs. In fact, the local company, founded in 2009, does so much more to strengthen Honolulu’s buildings and the overall community.

For instance, PIC was solely responsible for restoring the roofs on some of Honolulu’s highest-profile landmarks, including the Ilikai Hotel and the huge dome on Neal S. Blaisdell Center.

“This company is part of the revitalization of Kakaako,” Johnson explained. “We do non-traditional roofing — we’re not just fixing up junk. We do some residential (jobs), but largely, it’s commercial work.”

PIC’s goal is to provide Hawaii and its residents with a long-lasting, sustainable choice for roofing through the use of closed-cell spray applied polyurethane foam (CcSPF) — or “spray foam roofing,” as it is commonly referred to.

According to Johnson, many veterans in the roofing industry redo roofs every five years. However, he said spraying a few millimeters of spray foam can easily expand to an inch within seconds, which fixes cracks and provides adequate insulation and waterproofing.

At Pacific Industrial Coatings, gives every crewmember the opportunity to learn and grow within the company, regardless of their credentials.

 “Our sustainable system results in a roof that will last for 20-plus years,” Johnson said. “The insulations systems we use are the best in the industry.”

When it comes to finding the right team of people to carry out the specialized applications of PIC’s roofing systems, Johnson said trustworthiness is integral in creating a healthy staff — and there’s lots of potential for new staff.

 “If you’re trustworthy, you’re going to get multiple opportunities,” Johnson said. “We’re committed to the growth of the company, but also to all the individuals that work for us. (For example) one of our guys came with little supervisory experience. He’s been here for five years, and now, he’s operations manager. The same can be said for four other guys who are now key employees. Everybody that gets hired here has that same opportunity (for growth).”

To promote initiative, Johnson explained there are multiple company incentives. “For every three months of good attendance, employees get a day off,” Johnson shared. “Everybody also gets a day off for their birthday. If you give an honest day’s work, you get respect and support.”

Having a cohesive team with motivated employees is important, according to Johnson, since PIC has several big projects in the upcoming months.

 “Our work with top-level general contractors (GCs) is continuing to grow,” he said. “A year and a half ago, we didn’t do much work with GCs, but now, it’s a bigger part of our company.”


THE 411 On Pacific Industrial Coatings

PHONE: 808-441-4020
BENEFITS: Full-time employees receive medical, dental, drug and vision insurance; as well as major holidays off and various company incentives.
NOTEWORTHY: Pacific Industrial Coatings most recently worked on the roofs of the brand-new condominium buildings and retail businesses coming up in Kakaako.

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